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About ETIC

East Texas Integrated Circuits, or ETIC, has been providing custom integrated circuits to the motion control and automotive industries for almost 20 years. Working with ETIC personnel, customers provide a framework of device performance requirements needed to satisfy their application needs. Our job is to understand those needs and convert their requirements into a device design.

Over the years, ETIC has successfully produced designs for: incremental encoders, high voltage line drivers, automotive steering encoders and ambient light sensors, analog signal processors, optocouplers, 13bit absolute encoder, numerous 6-channel encoder ASICs with differential A/B/I and U/V/W, interpolation ICs, and others.

We offer a turnkey solution to meet your needs. Our services include design and fabrication, packaging, and testing. Additionally, we can offer safety stocking programs to support just in time delivery profiles. Contact us today to discuss your next motion control or sensing project.

Latest News

New Supply Chain Model


ETIC has adopted a new supply chain model. As a result, our long-time contract manufacturer, CHIPS-Inc., has taken on a new role. For almost 20 years, CHIPS-Inc. has provided all the sawn on tape and waffle packed processing for ETIC. For the majority of ETIC pro...

Featured Product

ET2010 ASP

The ET2010 ASP is a monolithic bipolar ASIC designed to transform nanoamp-level differential photocurrents into 1Vpp sinewaves that are suitable for interpolation. In most encoder designs, the LED optical output level changes with supply voltage, temperature, and age. This causes corresponding changes in the photocurrent signal levels. The ASP rejects these variations in the input signals, resulting in output levels that are stable over time, temperature, and supply voltage.