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About us

East Texas Integrated Circuits (ETIC) is now part of Avago Technologies. Avago purchased the company in December 2010. The acquisition provided ETIC with additional resources and support through the relationship with Avago’s Motion Control Products division. Personnel in that operation have been involved in IC design for motion control since the HP days from which Avago originates.

We continue in the support of our long-time customers, providing incremental encoder products which have been a staple for their business for many years. And we continue to offer design services for new applications. As always, ETIC provides a turn-key service from design to die, or to packaged ICs. We support the product after the sales as we always have.

ETIC truly is poised for new possibilities to support our customers now and in the future. Contact us today and discuss your product needs.


• Early 1990’s - Ben Wagner & Joel Van Antwerp teamed up to form East Texas Integrated Circuits. Joel did the designs and Ben worked with wafer fabs, test sources, and packaging contractors to complete the product.
• Introduced differential amplifier/comparator products – ET95xx family
• Mid 1990’s introduced high voltage line driver ICs – 26ET31 and ET7272
• Began incorporating phased-array sensor scheme into encoder ASICs
• Mid 2000’s introduced an analog signal processor – ET2010, and interpolation products providing up to 10X (cycles) interpolation
• December 2010 – sold the company to Avago Technologies
• Today – continuing to provide over 50 custom ASIC devices and ICs to encoder manufacturers worldwide

Custom ASIC designs

Lead Times

For fully custom ASIC designs, lead time from the spec buy-off until first silicon is running typically six months.

Lead times on standard IC products, such as ET2010 and ET2110 are being reduced from that experienced in the middle of 2014. New stocking levels have been set and this should reduce lead times to within 5 weeks in most cases.