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The majority of IC products supplied by East Texas Integrated Circuits are built into incremental encoders. These encoders are most often attached to motor shafts so that the spinning shaft turns a patterned disk in the encoder. This spinning disk modulates the light illuminating the photo-sensors in the encoder. This optical signal is converted to a digital pulse stream at the encoder output. These signals are fed to the controller used to drive the motor.

Some examples of applications would include factory automation, CNC equipment, robotic equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, off road machinery, and elevators. Any application in which something is moved, and its movement must be well controlled, is a good candidate for encoder feedback control of the driving motors. And optical incremental encoders represent a proven technology in all the examples given.

Other Applications

Ambient light sensor for automotive application – used to automatically turn on headlights when ambient light level is reduced

Light activated logic gates – used in simple low resolution encoder configurations, and for interrupter switches and edge sensors


Custom ASIC designs

Lead Times

For fully custom ASIC designs, lead time from the spec buy-off until first silicon is running typically six months.

Lead times on standard IC products, such as ET2010 and ET2110 are being reduced from that experienced in the middle of 2014. New stocking levels have been set and this should reduce lead times to within 5 weeks in most cases.